Annika Connor runs in SAGAFTRA NY Union Elections

Annika's Art Shop Founder Annika Connor is running in the 2021 SAGAFTRA NY Local Elections. 

Annika Connor for SAGAFTRA Elections

In a statement about why she is running Connor says:
"I am Annika Connor, one of the other nearly 12,000 SAGAFTRA members who lost their Healthcare at the height of the Pandemic. At the time, I was on disability and in need of additional surgeries to fully recover and be able to walk again pain free.


I wrote to the Board of Trustees many times to explain that the Pandemic twice shut down surgeries in New York City and my doctors wanted me to wait to be vaccinated before having my third major leg surgery. 


Not only was this of NO concern to those responsible for mismanaging the Plan’s funds, the SAGAFTRA Board of Trustees completely IGNORED my emails and only responded with an automatic form email. 


This callous disregard really upset me and my circumstances motivated me to fight for change. 


I've been a SAGAFTRA Member since 2007 working as an Actor, Stand-In, Background, and Voiceover Artist. I believe a more perfect Union is possible. 

On a national level, I support Matthew Modine, Joely Fisher, Sharon Stone, and the other Membership First candidates who will take the Union in a better direction for the future. 


On a New York level, I am running for a NY Local Board seat and a Convention Delegate seat. I will work to protect ALL members, especially the sick and injured. 


I’m an Idealist. I stand with IDEAL-NY.

SAGAFTRA IDEAL-NY: New York Local Board Candidates

SAGAFTRA IDEAL NY Local Board Candidates
Annika Connor is running for as a SAG-AFTRA  NY Local Board Candidate and will be number 54 on the ballot.
Connor is also running for a  Convention Delegate Seat and Annika is number 175 on that ballot. 
Convention Delegate list

On a National Level Annika Connor supports Matthew Modine and Joely Fisher and the other Membership First candidates. 

Matthew Modine & Joely Fisher

When Endorsing Matthew Modine and Joely Fisher Annika Connor said "

Matthew Modine and Joely Fisher are running on a National level to challenge the current leadership who have made all the recent bad decisions.

If you are a SAGAFTRA member I urge you to joining me and supporting them and to do your part by voting for change this Summer.

If you haven’t seen this video it explains pretty well why I am so fired up."

Annika with the Your Voice Matters Vote ScarfWhether it be Union politics or National Politics, Annika Connor is a big believer in the fact that you're voice matters.

If you are a SAGAFTRA Union member reading this she urges you to help get out the vote.

She is running on a new slate called IDEAL-NY designed for New York Idealist like her who want to fight for change and who believe that a better version of the Union is possible.

If you are interested in learning more, you can click here to sign up to join their mailing list to find out additional details about all the candidates on this platform.

She is seen above with the Annika's Art Shop VOTE: Your Voice Matters Art Scarf that she designed as a party of her Election Collection in 2020. 

If you are interested in supporting the IDEAL NY Candidates you can go here to donate to the election campaign costs

See below to read her official statement on the ballot.

Candidate Statement

When talking about losing her healthcare Connor said: "Sadly my story is not unique. Nearly 12,000 Actors were kicked off their healthcare in the height of the Pandemic.

Most recently Sharon Stone spoke to Deadline and admitted that she too lost her Union Health Coverage as a result of a $13 shortage in her earning requirements for the year. 

The SAGAFTRA leaders in charge of making this terrible decision, to take away healthcare in the height of the Pandemic from the very people they should be protecting, need to be held accountable for their actions. We MUST vote them out of office!"

Because of the changes to the Plan in the height of the Pandemic, 8,200 SENIOR PERFORMERS (OVER 65) found out in 2020 that they would loose their promised SAG-AFTRA health plan coverage.

If this news makes you as angry too, but you are not a SAGAFTRA Union member you can still help by donating to the Membership First campaign here


Ballots will be mailed out to SAGAFTRA Union Members on August 3rd and they are due back on September 2nd, 2021.

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