Congratulations to Annika Connor City Artist Corps Grant Award Winner!

Congratulations to Annika's Art Shop founder Annika Connor on being a First Round of Recipient of the New York City Artist Corps Grant. 

Annika Connor City Artist Corps

Annika's Art Shop is proud to announce that Annika Connor, Annika's Art Shop Founder, is the First Round of Recipient of the New York City Artist Corps Grant sponsored by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA), the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME), the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), and the Queens Theatre.

Annika has earmarked her award money for a Bootcamp for Artists and Activists alike who want to learn how to best use their Creative Voice and put their Imagination on a path to creating positive change. 

She will be launching this initiative in the Fall of 2021 to teach Creatives and Change Makers how to leverage their talents to create positive social development.

City Artist Corps Logo

Speaking about the award Annika Connor says "Those who know well, you know that Art, Activism, and making good in the world are all missions close to my heart. Using my own Art to help amplify that intention is a big part of my Life’s purpose. 

This program is something I have dreamed of hosting for a long time and it will be designed to include both Kids and Adults."


For the Heroes Painting

For the Heroes, 12" x 12" Oil on Linen, 2020 ©Annika Connor

Thanks to the generosity of the Artist Corps Grant, this event will be FREE to attend and live-streamed and recorded so that non-New Yorkers, or those who do not yet want to attend in person events, can watch it at their leisure.

Caution Caution Painting

Stay tuned for more details on this project. For now please enjoy this selection of Annika Connor's Activist Oil Paintings. 

American Angst by Annika Connor

 American Angst 16" x 20" Oil on Linen ©Annika Connor

Sign of the Times by Annika Connor

Sign of the Times, 12" x 12" Oil on Linen, 2020 ©Annika Connor

Blind Faith Blind Faith 30" x 40" Oil on Linen ©Annika Connor

Summer of 2020 by Annika Connor

 Summer of 2020, 16" x 20" Oil on Linen ©Annika Connor


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