• Annika Connor runs in SAGAFTRA NY Union Elections

    Annika's Art Shop Founder Annika Connor is running in the 2021 SAGAFTRA NY Local Elections. 

    In a statement about why she is running Connor says:
    "I am Annika Connor, one of the other nearly 12,000 SAGAFTRA members who lost their Healthcare at the height of the Pandemic. 

    At the time, I was on disability and in need of additional surgeries to fully recover and be able to walk again pain free.
    I wrote to the Board of Trustees many times to explain that the Pandemic twice shut down surgeries in New York City and my doctors wanted me to wait to be vaccinated before having my third major leg surgery. 
    Not only was this of NO concern to those responsible for mismanaging the Plan’s funds, the SAGAFTRA Board of Trustees completely IGNORED my emails and only responded with an automatic form email. 
    This callous disregard really upset me and my circumstances motivated me to fight for change. 
    I've been a SAGAFTRA Member since 2007 working as an Actor, Stand-In, Background, and Voiceover Artist. I believe a more perfect Union is possible. 
    On a national level, I support Matthew Modine, Joely Fisher, Sharon Stone, and the other Membership First candidates who will take the Union in a better direction for the future. 
    On a New York level, I am running for a NY Local Board seat and a Convention Delegate seat. I will work to protect ALL members, especially the sick and injured. 
    I’m an Idealist. I stand with IDEAL-NY."
  • Congratulations to Annika Connor City Artist Corps Grant Award Winner!

    Annika's Art Shop founder Annika Connor is the proud First Round of Recipient of the New York City Artist Corps Grant sponsored by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA), the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME), the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), and the Queens Theatre.

  • Get Beach Ready with Annika's Art Shop

    Reach for the Stars Tote Bag $30-37 and Camus Winter Tree Phone Case It's that time of year again, Summer is here and gearing up to be in full ...
  • Father's Day Gift Guide

    Want to get your Dad something fun and creative this Father's Day? Then look no further than Annika's Art Shop Men's Section for some great ideas ...
  • Postcards for GA

    As a Georgia native, I have teamed up with the campaigns to elect Jon Ossoff and Reverend Warnock and collaborated with Creatives FOR on a postcard election reminder that is being mailed out to voters across the state of GA.

    These cards featuring my art and the art of 4 other artists are viewing mailed out as we speak. Early voting has begun so if you can vote in GA please help to elect Jon Ossoff and Reverend Warnock!

  • Rejected by Facebook: Annika Connor's Election Collection for Annika’s Art Shop is too edgy for the internet!

    Rejected by Facebook: Annika Connor's Election Collection for Annika’s Art Shop is too edgy for the internet! Read all about it here. 

    I am Annika Connor & I want to help you Get Out the VOTE! Unfortunately all the items in Annika's Art Shop's Election Collection have been rejected by Facebook.

  • Election Collection: 2020 VOTE Art Scarf

    Hi! I am Annika Connor and I want to help you Get Out the VOTE! 

    To enable you to do that and to inspire you to start talking about voting Annika's Art Shop introduces the 2020 VOTE Art Scarf, a striking conversation starter of a square scarf turned Election Season must have Fall accessory. 

    This scarf is part of my new Election Collection which features products all designed to get you engaged, excited and most importantly VOTING this election!

    Items in the Election Collection included Get Out the Vote Greeting Cards, Metal Political Art Magnets, Art Scarves and more. 

  • Purple Snow Dog Bed

    Annika's Dog Davis gets a new dog bed! Check out the Purple Snow Indoor Fleece Dog Bed Annika Connor designed for her dog Davis.

    This bed is also available in an Outdoor Weather Resistant option. 

  • End of Summer SALE!

    A quick look at some of the highlights in the End of Summer Sale at Annika's Art Shop.
  • VOTE: GOTV Greeting Cards

    To help enable you to do all you can to connect with your friends and family and to remind them to vote, artist Annika Connor has designed these VOTE: GOTV Greeting Cards.
  • Save the USPS: Send More Mail!

    The United States Postal Service is in crisis! Buying stamps and sending more mail can help to save the USPS. As many of you have no doubt heard...
  • Introducing Annika's Sketchbooks

    Introducing Annika's Art Shop's Sketchbooks

    Bring your ideas to life as you draw in Annika's Art Shop's sketchbooks.

    Choose your favorite Annika Connor painting for the cover. Pick between Avalon, Barracudas, Camus, Cherry Blossoms, Peacock, Phoenix, Purple Snow, Reach for the Stars, and Sun Gardens. Then select your paper type, pick between blank, ruled for lined, graph or bulleted or a thicker blank drawing paper.

    These sketchbooks are all spiral-bound with a protected with a frosted polymer cover over the art work and they are all sized 10" x 7.5" and Made in Canada.  

    ©Annika Connor