Purple Snow Dog Bed

Annika's Dog Davis gets a new dog bed!

Hi! I am Annika Connor, the artist and designer behind Annika's Art Shop.

Here I am in what feels like a lifetime ago, but was really just earlier this year, at The Untitled Space gallery in TriBeCa with my watercolor Dove Diptych and my dog Davis in January of 2020 at the Art4Equality Exhibition and Auction

At the Untitled Space Gallery with my watercolor Doves and my dog Davis in January of 2020

As some of you may know I have a really amazing dog named Davis who is a service dog who has been helping me walk after a bad ski accident in 2019. It was really rough there for a minute, but after nearly three months in a wheelchair I got back on my feet and Davis helped me get walking again. 

When I first got Davis I was really dependent on him for balance and assistance. This created a strong bound between us and he became a Velcro dog. A term I learned that means a dog that wants to be as close as possible to their owners when they're around.  

Davis at the studio gate

Generally this is actually quite adorable, but I feel bad when I paint because I do not let Davis in the studio. Dogs and oil paint don't mix well.

So I had to install a baby gate to keep him out.

Now when I paint, which can be for hours on end, Davis stands guard the whole time or sleeps on the hard wood floor just outside the gate. This seems uncomfortable for him so I decided to make it a little more cozy by designing a special dog bed for him to have for just this spot.  

I live and work in Brooklyn and in any New York apartment space is always an issue. I needed something light weight and chic enough to move elsewhere so I could casually toss it aside when guests come over.

(I am optimistically planning for the COVID-19 free day when cocktail party entertaining returns because to live otherwise is too grim for my inner party hostess to handle.)

purple snow dog bed

Considering these factors, I choose my watercolor Purple Snow for the dog bed print as the pattern looks nice with my kitchen floor tiles AND this pattern might show his hair less then it would on say something black and white like if I had used my Winter Tree painting Camus. 

In any event, once I had decided on my design I opted to give you all a choice of an indoor or an outdoor bed in case some of you Art Shop customers have a nice big backyard for your dog and you need a weather and mold resistant option.

If you want to see Davis being sleepy and so sweet check out this little video I made of him curled up and sleeping on his new bed.


I shot this yesterday morning my heart melted when I saw Davis actually using his bed for the first time as I had designed it to be used. As somewhere for him to sleep when I am painting for hours in my studio.

Obviously I am biased as I just think he is THE BEST but seriously, he is sooooooo adorable! 

Ok back to practical product descriptions, for an Outdoor Bed choose the weather resistant option. This bed is is durable as well as mildew & mold resistant.

For Indoor only bed pick the cozy fleece option. The fleece is a soft and snuggly and your dog will love curling up on his or her new resting spot.

Both options are Machine Washable as all the covers are removable for easy cleaning!

Made in the USA both the Indoor or Outdoor Dog Beds feature a one sided print, polyester fill bun insert, a zipper closure, and is available in three sizes: Small 18" x 28", Medium 30" x 40" or Large 40" x 50"

The Indoor bed has a fleece top and a dark brown cotton duck backing. 

The Outdoor bed is a water resistant dog bed. It has a weather resistant polyester top with a black waterproof cotton duck bottom.

The Purple Snow pattern is based on my watercolor painting which is inspired by Winter in Central Park. This painting is sold and the original lives with a collector in Shanghai. 

Care Instructions: The cover is machine-washable. Wash in cold water, tumble dry on low. Do not bleach.

Durability: With the Fleece Indoor dog bed Davis and I did some attack-dog style product testing. I roughhoused with Davis intentionally encouraging him to jump on the bed and bite it to see if it would hold up to my tough guy's teeth and thankfully it did! Most dog toys do not, so this is really saying something. 

Sizing Side Note: When choosing what size is right for your dog it may be helpful to know that seen in the photos here is my dog Davis modeling the Indoor Fleece Dog Bed in the Medium 30" x 40" size. Davis is a large 80lb dog.

Were this his only spot to sleep a large dog like Davis might prefer the biggest bed. However I opted for the medium option for Davis as this is just his day bed outside my studio where space is limited. 

I hope your dog will love this bed as much as Davis does. Get yours today at Annika's Art Shop here. Dog NOT sold with dog bed. ; )

©Annika Connor

Davis curled up asleep on his Purple Snow Dog Bed

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