Election Collection: 2020 VOTE Art Scarf

Hi! I am Annika Connor and I want to help you

Get Out the VOTE!

Annika with the 2020 VOTE Art Scarf

To enable you to do that and to inspire you to start talking about voting Annika's Art Shop introduces the 2020 VOTE Art Scarf, a striking conversation starter of a square scarf turned Election Season must have Fall accessory. 

This scarf is part of my new Election Collection which features products all designed to get you engaged, excited and most importantly VOTING this election!

Items in the Election Collection included Get Out the Vote Greeting Cards, Metal Political Art Magnets, Art Scarves and more. 

Available in a variety of sizes the 2020 VOTE Art Scarf comes in your choice of an ultra luxurious Silk Habotai or the slightly more budget friendly options of Satin Charmeuse, Matte Crepe, or a Poly Chiffon fabrics. 

VOTE Art Scarf on bust

So go on, treat yourself to a little American artistic style and get your Fall grove on while you GoTV in a new 2020 VOTE Election Collection Art Scarf!

Annika Connor with the 2020 VOTE art scarf

The central painting in this scarf is my oil painting American Greed which is 30" x 40" and is an Oil on Linen. This original painting is still available for sale and interested art collectors are invited to Annika's Art Shop us for sales inquiries. 

American Greed Painting by Annika Connor

Read more about my thoughts on this painting and Joe Biden's plans For Women's Rights at Creatives FOR Biden.

FOR Women's Rights

Buy a 2020 VOTE Art Scarf for yourself or give one as a gift, either way, this scarf is a great new addition to any Fall wardrobe. 

*In keeping with true 2020 style when in a pinch this scarf can double as a face mask. However, please note that we do NOT recommend you buy it deliberately for use as that. The 100% cotton machine washable face masks that Annika's Art Shop sells in our Accessories section are far better designed for intentional use as that and a much more affordable choice for daily mask wear too. 

Please note that whatever your politics may be Annika believes that your voice matters.

Participation in the election process is essential to creating change. Voting for politicians whose views you believe in down ticket for the smaller offices is vital to making concrete change. 

Annika Connor with the VOTE scarf
Annika hopes that this scarf and the other items in her Election collection will bring some fun and color into your Fall wardrobe while inspiring you to get talking and doing what you can to help get out the vote this Election Season!

©Annika Connor

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