VOTE: GOTV Greeting Cards

As we gear up to the 2020 Election Season, the State of the Nation is in crisis. Voting in November 2020 could not be more important or more urgently needed.

America is in crisis! The country needs your support to help Get Out the Vote

Never underestimate your power to encourage your community and to fight for change. Sometimes it is the words one person says to another that changes hearts and minds.

VOTE: GOTV Greeting Card

To help enable you to do all you can to connect with your friends and family and to remind them to vote, artist Annika Connor has designed these Vote Folded Cards so you can write and send a personal message to remind the people in your world about their strength and their power at the polls.

Bonus points: Sending a hand written card requires a stamp and that also helps with the efforts to Save the USPS!

Made in the USA, these high quality 5" x 5" VOTE:GOTV Greeting Cards include a white envelope for each card, and they come pre-folded and packed in cello sleeves per 10 cards.

This VOTE card incorporates Annika Connor's American Greed painting in the design.

  American Greed 30" x 40" Oil on Linen ©Annika Connor 2017

American Greed
30" x 40"
Oil on Linen
©Annika Connor

Annika made this painting in the wake of the 2016 election in an effort to try to understand in the studio why so many women were voting against their own self-interest.

The Hear No, Speak No, See No Evil gestures of the woman in the painting seem to be a direct link to the overwhelming piles of money in the foreground.

As Annika explains "I titled this piece American Greed, as in 2016 I felt that as long as some people believed it would be profitable to the economy they would vote for whomever they thought would benefit their wallet the most. Now in 2020, with unemployment reaching peak highs and chaos and disease spreading rapidly across the Nation, it is my hope that seeing this painting again will cause some voters to remember the errors inherent in that way of thinking."

Backside of the VOTE: GOTV Greeting Card

Printed on FSC-certified paper this card is blank inside and works well with regular ballpoint pens after short drying time. Stamps are sold separately at your local Post Office. 

Choosing your paper type:

• Dull Coated Cover paper is one of the most popular cover stocks used in commercial printing. The dull coating applied to both sides of the paper stock gives this card a smooth surface, dull finish, and also adds durability.

• Matte features triple coating, which allows for flawless ink transfer and ink adhesion resulting in exceptional image quality.

• Silk is the most popular option with our partners, as this card stock offers incredible uniformity, and thanks to its premium coated surface, it is ideal for projects that call for clarity, detail, and intense colors. Additionally, you will be thrilled to find that this paper is environmentally responsible.

• Uncoated offers excellent opacity and surface smoothness with an added unique non-sapphire surface treatment resulting in superior toner adhesion immediately after printing. 

The VOTE card is available as a single card for $3 or you can save by purchasing the cards in multipacks of 5, 10, 25, 50, or even 100. 

Get out the Vote and buy your VOTE cards today! Each purchase helps to support a female artist, a small business, and the United States Post Office. 

Click through the photos to see the original painting that inspired this card. 

©Annika Connor

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