KISS: Oil Painting

KISS: Oil Painting

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KISS is an original Oil on Linen painting by Annika Connor.

Unframed, this painting is part of the artist's Sign of the Times series which began at the start of the Pandemic in the Spring of 2020.

Playing on the iconography of the STOP sign Annika Connor's KISS painting urges the viewer to do, or not do, the one thing that was very high risk in those pre-vaccine early Pandemic days. 

This piece while simple, speaks to a time of love under quarantine which was a unique and confusing moment for singles and couples alike.

Seen out of context of the time it was created, this KISS painting forever represents the "should I or shouldn't I?" dilemma that a kiss can cause. 

This painting is currently on display in the artist's Brooklyn studio. 


12" x 12" 

Oil on Linen 

©Annika Connor