The Confession: Oil Painting

The Confession: Oil Painting

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This original, one-of-a-kind, oil painting titled The Confession is by Artist Annika Connor.

Inspired by an afternoon on the Upper East Side with her muse Victoria Pattinson, this highly detailed original Annika Connor oil painting depicts a woman in white exiting a church. To some, the viewer seems to unburden with a lightness in her step, to others she is shrouded in mystery. 

Brick by brick the church was painted, and in this process, a sense of endless time and inherent optimism was embedded throughout the piece. 

Made in Brooklyn, this Oil on Linen is painted with a delicacy that invites the viewer's gaze to linger and their imagination to soar as stories of who this woman is, where is she going, and what did she confess begin to rise to the surface.  

This painting is signed on the back and comes in a beautiful white custom floater frame, with a gold leaf face.

The Confession

36" x 24" 

Oil on Linen

©Annika Connor