VOTE! Your Voice Matters GOTV 5" x 5" Greeting Cards
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VOTE! Your Voice Matters GOTV 5" x 5" Greeting Cards

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Introducing VOTE! Your Voice Matters Election Collection GOTV blank inside folded Greeting Cards.

As we gear up to the next Election Season, the State of the Nation is in crisis. Voting in could not be more important or more urgently needed.

America is in crisis! The country needs your support to help Get Out the Vote

Never underestimate your power to encourage your community and to fight for change. Sometimes it is the words one person says to another that changes hearts and minds.

To help enable you to do all you can to connect with your friends and family and to remind them to vote, artist Annika Connor has designed these Vote Your Voice Matters GOTV Greeting Cards so you can write and send a personal message to remind the people in your world about their strength and their power at the polls.

Made in the USA, these high quality 5" x 5" paper cards include a white envelope for each card, and they come pre-folded and packed in cello sleeves per 10 cards.

This VOTE! Your Voice Matters card incorporates Annika Connor's Objection painting in the design.

Annika made her Objection painting in 2017 after 45 came into office when a lot of the American values she cared about started to go up in flames over misguided leadership and misplaced priorities.

Whatever your politics may be Annika believes that your voice matters. Participation in the election process is essential to create change. Voting down ticket for the smaller offices is vital, and Annika hopes that her Election collection will inspire others to get out the vote!

This card is blank inside so you can handwrite your own message to urge and encourage whoever you want to vote.

©Annika Connor